This one-on-one workshop encompasses everything I do as a full-time photographer. From creating a website & growing my social media presence, to booking my ideal clients, shooting, editing, delivering final images, and blogging.


Included in this all-day workshop is a mini styled shoot so that you can see hands-on how I shoot, direct, and communicate with clients. Here, you'll get to photograph the models for your portfolio. We will bring your photos into Lightroom, choose your strongest images, and edit them together. I'll teach you Lightroom tips and tricks that will bring your photographs to a new level. I'll be an open book, there to answer all of your photography & business questions.

This session includes:

- coffee, coffee, & more coffee (or tea!)

- finding your style & branding 

- website development/SEO

- social media & marketing

- client communication

- pricing & contracts (includes PDF files)


- camera ins & outs

- lighting

- directing

- editing

- image delivery

- blogging


This session is for parents and hobbyists- people who want to learn how to use their camera to its fullest abilities. During this session, will discuss the ins-and-outs of your camera over coffee/tea, I'll give you tips for getting great photos straight out of your camera, then we will venture outdoors to talk composition & light, and take some photos. Afterwards, we will critique your images together and create a game-plan for your next photography outing. You'll leave this workshop with a new understanding of your camera and a disciplined eye for seeing and capturing print-worthy moments.



This session is for those who understand the ins-and-outs of their camera, but want to bring their photographs to a new level. Whether you're a hobbyist or business owner, you'll leave with tools and tricks to master Lightroom and hone in on your personal editing style. You will come to this session with 5-10 of your own RAW files. We will discuss how you can adjust your camera settings to get better photos SOOC (straight out of camera), what to do when your images aren't perfect SOOC, an how to edit your images to match your brand and reach your full potential.


In just a single year, I grew my photography business from a side job to a fulfilling career by investing my time and effort differently. Whether you are an established business looking to get more work, or a photography enthusiast hoping to make your passion a business, this workshop will be catered to your specific goals. During this session we will talk about your brand, your website, social media marketing, SEO, client interactions, contracts, and pricing for your worth. You'll receive the tools you need to make photography a profitable career.

Based in NEW MARKET, MD.

Available worldwide.

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