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Caroline & Alex: HOOD COLLEGE Couple Session

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

I met Caroline and Alex before I went to Hood. Alex was on Scott's floor his first year there and they quickly became friends. By the time I transferred in, I felt like I already belonged in their circle of friends. Both Alex and Caroline have a way about them that makes everyone feel welcome.

They met when they were both at Hood after Alex was eyeing her in the dining hall. ;) Love at first sight lol!

Caroline majored in Social Work at Hood and has worked with the Boys and Girls Club, and now at a preschool. The same something about her that gave me a sense of belonging at Hood is clearly apparent to her student as well. Alex makes crazy beautiful pottery and extremely dedicated to Chemistry; he interned with NASA last summer at UC Irvine studying atmospheric science. W.H.A.T.!!

Alex will be returning to UC Irvine in September to pursue a PHD, and this time Caroline is coming with him! These two are the most adventurous people I've grown to know and I just know they were meant to be in California.

I feel incredibly lucky to have met these two and to have watched their relationship grow to what it is today. They're my favorite love story and I will miss them so much!

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