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the short-term affects and what you can do to support your local small business owners

We are all navigating this together. Patience, understanding, flexibility, and adherence are all so necessary right now and they will absolutely test us.

Remember to check in on your grandparents, parents, and friends often. Take care of yourself- continue to eat healthy and be active so your body can be ready to fight off this virus and help reduce it’s spread.


As of March 23rd, Gov. Hogan has ordered all non-essential businesses to close. As a business registered with the state of Maryland, that includes me! I am able to work from home, but I'll keep you guys updated for when I can start shooting again. These are sad and confusing times, so please reach out to me if you have any questions! <3

As of Thursday, March 19th, Maryland's Governor, Larry Hogan has restricted gatherings and events to 10 people or less. I will be following this and the CDC recommendations. If this changes plans for your wedding, please contact me and let me know about what changes you're planning for. If you chose to continue with more than 10 people, I will not be able to photograph your event. Contact me if this affects you, and we can chat about your options.

Email me at to keep me up to date with your plans, or to set up a phone call or video chat.

If you cannot reschedule your session or wedding, all monies paid will become a credit that can be used within a year of your original session date.

Please keep in mind that this is subject to change if new restrictions are applied.

During these uncertain times, support your local businesses as much as you can. Friends have lost their jobs and businesses are struggling to keep afloat. Wondering how you can support your local business from home? Here's what you can do.


Closures and cancellations will be hard on us all, so if financially supporting your local businesses is out of the question, here are some ways you can make sure their business will still be around when all of this is over:

1. WRITE A POSITIVE RECOMMENDATION - Reviews are especially important in this digital age. They help potential clients/customers make a decision and drive more business.

If you'd like to leave a review for my business, here are some ways you can do that!

2. SHARE THEIR POSTS - Just clicking “share” spreads the word about your favorite businesses and keeps them in the forefront of people’s minds!

3. POST PHOTOS & TAG - Sharing photos of your favorite products or images and tagging the business is today's version of word-of-mouth advertising!

4. RECOMMEND THEM TO A FRIEND - We will all have a lot of time to catch up with friends during all of this.

Chat about what restaurant you’ll go to when all of this is over and recommend your favorite local place!

My favorites:

Your friend getting married next year? Recommend your favorite vendors! Here are some of mine..

Makeup & Hair Artists:




Want to try a new coffee spot or bakery? Shamelessly plug your favorite!

My favorites:

5. ASK ABOUT FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES - So many of us are rescheduling photoshoots and weddings, and may not have availability for a while, so reach out and ask how you can support them once business can get back to normal! I know for me, if we can get back into the swing of things by summer, sunflower minis may be happening again and I’ll need your support!

6. INVITE FRIENDS TO “LIKE” THEIR PAGE ON FB - This is a really simple, supportive action that will keep your favorite businesses visible!

7. WASH YOUR HANDS AND STAY AT HOME :P - The quicker we can get this under control, the sooner business can go back to normal!


  1. ORDER DELIVERY OR TAKEOUT - Special provisions have been made to allow restaurants to stay open and provide carryout, curbside pick-up, and delivery. Many of our local Frederick restaurants who have never offered carryout are offering it today so that they can stay open and keep their workers employed! Check out this really awesome resource posted by the Downtown Frederick Partnership that lists businesses who are open for carryout, curbside pickup, and delivery:

  2. PURCHASE GIFT CARDS - Many businesses offer gift card purchases online or by-phone. Buy now and use your credit at a later date!

  3. ORDER ONLINE - It's the digital age! Most small businesses have a storefront online, whether that be on their website or on a hosting site like Etsy. I offer a print store on your gallery site! You can purchase prints without downloading your images, uploading them somewhere else, or going to the store. These are professional-quality prints and albums, and your orders will help support my business while I'm unable to shoot! Order your favorites online and have them shipped to your home. You don't have to leave the house, you're doing your part in social distancing, and you're supporting your favorite local small businesses!

  4. PAY IN ADVANCE - Small businesses that offer a service (like mine!) often take deposits and payments ahead of time. In times like these when there is slow (or no) income, if you are able to pay your deposit or complete a payment towards a future service, small businesses will be able to stay open and provide for their families.

I will try to keep this post up to date as more information comes, which seems like it's happening almost hourly!

Stay sane. Stay safe. Wash your hands!


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