Jamie, Frank, & Riley: Sugarloaf Mountain Proposal

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Jamie, Riley, & Frank drove to Maryland from New Jersey to visit with friends and to have family photos taken. Little did Jamie know, Frank was planning to propose at the end of our photoshoot. Earlier that morning, Frank asked Riley if he could marry his momma. I've added that sweet video to the bottom of this post. Be prepared to ugly cry.

We started their session at Baker Park and ended at Sugarloaf Mountain. As the sun began to hide behind the clouds, I told Riley to whisper something in his momma's ear for a cute photo. That was Riley's cue, and he whispered, "Will you marry Frank?" Jamie didn't understand what was going on and said, "What do you mean?" Again, Riley whispered, "Will you marry Frank?" and Jamie turned around to see Frank on his knee.

Frank said, "Jamie Lynn Fidler, with Riley's permission, will you marry me?" Then the happy tears began. <3

This proposal was featured on How They Asked (The Knott's proposal story account) and has 21,345 likes and counting! They also did a blog post for them which you can see here!

It was also shared by the instagram account she_saidyes!

But most exciting was that BRIDES magazine, THE Brides magazine reached out to us and asked to publish their proposal story for their "the moment" section, which is the last page of their magazine, right next to an ad featuring my girl Jennifer Anniston.

What WHAT!!! Riley, Jamie, & Frank are

F A M O U S now!

Check out the video below to see Frank ask Riley if he can marry Jamie!

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