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Kayla & Sam: Thomas Jefferson Memorial and Dinosaur Land Engagement Session

Kayla, Sam, & I had quite the adventure to make these happen! First we drove from Maryland to Virginia for photos at Dinosaur Land, per Sam's request. ;) Check those out at the bottom of the gallery! Then, on our way to D.C. for the second part of the session, one of my tires went flat. Sam recommended that we get off at the next exit and get some fix-a-flat. I had to pull over on I-95 (during rush hour I might add) not too long after to use it. Sam & Kayla pulled over right behind me and Sam fixed my tire. Once we got to D.C., they did an outfit change and we hiked to the Jefferson Memorial. It was probably the hottest day of the year- we were all dripping sweat but they were troopers throughout the whole evening. I was the one wining!


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