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Kaylan & Matthew's Romantic Bohemian October Wedding at the Lodge at Little Seneca Creek

Updated: May 19, 2020

Their love story:

"Matt is the owner of a music recording studio in downtown Frederick. When I was in a high school band, we went to his studio to record a song. When we finished recording our song, Matt and I both knew we still wanted to spend time together so we started on an album for my solo music. As we continued to get to know eachother, we both wanted to be more than friends but weren't sure how to start because of our business dynamic and age difference. So after we found out that we both loved the show "Scrubs" we began sending eachother quotes and memes from the show. Eventually we got together to watch the show where we kissed for the first time. :)

Since I was so young, I was reluctant to commit to a relationship at the time. This changed one night when I texted Matt that I thought I heard something in my basement but I was too scared to look. Most boys may have called to offer emotional support while I went down to investigate. Instead, I got a text that said "sit tight, I'm on my way". About 15 minutes later (mind, he lived 30 minutes away while driving at a resonable speed), he showed up to find nothing in my house except a suddenly love-stricken girl. That night I realized that I had a man standing in front of me who would do anything for me and we agreed to make things official.

Almost 7 years later, we had started a new life together in Baltimore City. We adopted a lil pup named Albie and furnished a home at the top of a high rise. On a Saturday in April we had plans to attend his parents' anniversary party at Gambril State Park. I thought it was a little strange that my sister insisted on taking me out to get a manicure the morning of, but told myself it would be selfish to think his parents' anniversary would end up being about me. As we arrive and walk up to the pavillion I notice my mom and sister standing alongside Matt's family - and everyone is awkwardly staring at us. We approach and I notice a little set up with flowers, a K & M, and a ring box. As I whip around to see where Matt went, I find him on one knee. I honestly don't remember anything he said to me during the proposal. I am sure it was sweet and well thought-out! All I could think about was how I was going to say "yes". I went through a few options in my head, yet somehow I ended up blurting out "YES, YOU IDIOT!" as I jumped into his arms. He had his brother's girlfriend (my future sister in law) photograph and capture every sweet moment. Afterwards, we all celebrated with Popeyes (where we had our first date), gummy bears (my nickname for him), and muffins (his nickname for me). There were also local beers from Baltimore - where we started our life together. Even though the celebration was cut short by an uninvited monsoon, I've continued to carry with me the felicity of being engaged to the best man I know. <3"

Kaylan & her friends got ready at Matthew's family home, and she took a moment to say a prayer with her family just before the ceremony. <3


Venue: Lodge at Little Seneca Creek

Florist: Bend in the River Farms

Gown & Shoes: BHLDN

Hair: Teena Smith

Makeup: Ryanne Dunlop

Kaylan's Engagement & Wedding Ring: Brilliant Earth

Matthew's Ring: WedgeWood Rings

Menswear: Jos A Bank

Invitation Suite: Vistaprint

Cake & Desserts: Diablo's Doughnuts

Catering: Blues BBQ

Doggy Care: Furever & Always

DJ: DJ Kevin Krause

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