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Megan & Tim's April Wedding at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

I don't think I can explain Tim & Megan's love story better than they did on their wedding website, so here it is. SHOUTOUT TINDER!

"It was the beginning of September 2016. Tim had just moved to Hagerstown, MD, to start his final 2-3 years of college. Megan was living in Frederick, MD, attending Hood College and working at Giant Eagle.

Tim was working at TGI Fridays as a bartender. He worked there on the weekends to pay his way through school, working as late as 4 in the morning! He decided to "fool around with Tinder" while on break at work. He saw the profile of a really cute red haired girl with glasses and an adorable Corgi. He took a deep breath, swiped right, and hoped for the best.

Megan was at work as well, taking a break from customers routinely annoying her. She went on Tinder, and saw Tim's profile. She recalls that "the beard really got me." She swiped right as well...

Tim gets a message from Megan, and the two of them talk routinely. After a few days of the initial "getting to know you stage", Tim asked Megan if she would like to hang out.

Megan, having just watched several episodes of MTV's "Catfish" (A Show about actual idiots who set up fake online profiles to dupe innocent people into thinking they are in a genuine relationship, but later get exposed) she asked that they first chat via video messaging. Tim agreed... but he was at a local bar. He quickly paid his tab and went home.

Tim got on his computer, sat on the couch and waited for the video call. When they connected, Megan had a huge sigh of relief, thanking him for not "catfishing" her.

Megan noticed behind Tim was a black flag with red letters and a figure on it. She asked "Tim, is that a Menzingers flag?" Tim, in complete awe that this beautiful woman knows of the greatest band in the world, said, "Why yes it is! You like the Menzingers?" Megan responded, "Duh!"

Tim, in a moment of simultaneous panic and delight, asked "Would you like to come up here, drink beer, and listen to the Menzingers?"

Megan agreed, and she drove up to Hagerstown, where they indeed drank some beer, and listened to their favorite band.

And that, reader of this website, is the how these two lovebirds met.

From that day on, the two of them have spent all of their time together.

And they are cute, and everybody loves them."

It's true.

m e g a n

t i m

m e g a n & t i m

r e c e p t i o n

s u n s e t

v e n d o r s

Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie

Menswear: The Black Tux

Officiant: Dustin "Ducky" Gamby

Catering: Hempen Hill BBQ

DJ: Dave Herold

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