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St. Patrick's Day Surprise Proposal in Downtown Frederick

Updated: May 24, 2018

Tim reached out to me saying he was planning to surprise Megan with a scavenger-hunt style proposal and he wanted me there to capture it! Megan and I were in classes together so I was thrilled.

Notice Megan's headband? She got that as part of the scavenger hunt- Tim had asked out of the blue what her favorite Irish song was. Can you guess what she replied? Black Velvet Band! He's good, right? ;)

Megan and Tim met on Tinder (like most couples these days!) and bonded over their love for the Menzingers. While video chatting to avoid the occasional tinder Catfisher, Megan noticed a flag behind Tim's head. She asked, "is that a Menzingers flag? I love them!" Tim replied, "DO YOU WANNA COME OVER, DRINK BEER, AND SING SOME MENZINGERS SONGS!?" And she agreed! They have been inseparable ever since.

Check out their full gallery here.

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