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In May 2021 I married my best friend, Scott. We had an intimate wedding with just our parents, grandparents, & Siblings, and it was absolutely perfect.


My first name is Leigh but I go by Leigh Anne, my first & middle name together!

I'm 27 years YOUNG and HAVE A studio art degreFROM HOOD COLLEGE IN FREDERICK, MD!


I love road trips, babies, NETFLIX, and the color green.


I have a loud, goofy laugh but that's my secret to getting my clients to laugh in their photos.


I leave hundreds of notifications on my phone, but check instagram and my email way too often. 


I was published for the first time in 2012 when I was 17. A 35mm photograph of my bed with the quilt my great aunt made is the cover off Flatsound's album, Sleep.

I don't have a favorite food, but if I had to pick, I'd probably say mashed potatoes & gravy. Mmmm.

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I'd visit Iceland. I'd also really love to go back to Ireland!

I love both coffee and tea

I played a lot of sports when I was younger, but at 14 my parents finally realized that I'm not at all athletic or competitive, or a fan of group activity, AND LET ME QUIT. so that was that! But if I had to pick a favorite sport to watch, it would be baseball! Go Nats!


I grew up with dogs but have always loved cats. my husband, scott, and i adopted two sweet and snuggly male cats named

jack and noodles in 2018.


I almost exclusively listen to true crime podcasts. In recent years, I've been listening to podcasts way more than music; though Hozier, Caamp, MGK, Queen, Florence + The MAchine, & Barns Courtney grace my ear drums often!


I rarely wear makeup, but if I do it's probably for professional photos, or it's just filling in my brows. I hate the feeling of foundation on my face!

I'm definitely watching Netflix if I'm editing. Some of my favorite shows are Scandal, The CrownJane the Virgin, Greys Anatomy, The Following, American Horror Story, How to Get Away with Murder, and New Girl!


It's not dessert if it's not chocolate. I mostly like ice cream for the things that you can put in it. Oreo and cookie dough are my go-to.


My first job was at a cupcake shop!

The farthest west in the US I've been is Wyoming. I'd love to visit every state one day!

WOW, you got through all that? Thanks for reading!

When you fill out a contact form for me, I'd love to hear some fun facts about you! :)


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