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We're a team! 

In 2021, I welcomed Viviana onto my team! Viviana and I met our freshman year at Towson University and became instant friends. We were both very into photography as a creative outlet so it's really cool that we are where we are now! 

Viviana took the leap from her corporate photography job to go full time with portrait and wedding photography.. I am so proud of her and sooo thankful for the help! 

For years, my husband, Scott, had been trying to persuade me to outsource some of my editing because I've been incredibly busy, overwhelmed, and just scraping by to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I was so thankful to be busy. But something had to change! 

Businesses are meant to grow and work smarter over time. If you know me, you know that I'm a little bit of a control freak and perfectionist; I definitely like things done my way. So knowing that I needed to ask for help and allowing myself to let someone help me were two separate things I had to accept LOL.  

But I'm not the only one who can edit as well as I can. It would be silly to think that way. The experience you get with me as your photographer comes from our interactions and the way that I shoot, not as much that I'm the person editing all of your images! Viviana is incredibly passionate and puts her all into everything she does, so I'm so excited to have her on my team. 

Viviana second shoots for me and edits my weddings and some portrait sessions, allowing me to be my best self for my clients and be present with my friends and family! :) She has really given me my life back! 


Leigh Anne Brader-Poole

Owner & Lead Photographer

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Viviana Santini

Associate Editor & Second Photographer

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photographs & gif images by Zachary Poole
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