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hood college: hodson gallery

reception: May 3rd, 2018 from 5:00-7:00pm



I am creating a “female gaze” by depicting women in their homes, confronting the viewer, and emphasizing their power to take ownership of themselves and their spaces.

I chose powerful women who model confidence and ownership in many facets of their lives: their work, their experiences, their creativity, and their relationships. In producing and selecting these images, I had conversations with the subjects and asked them questions like,  “Where do you spend the most time?” and “What makes you feel empowered?” I didn’t remove clutter from tables and shelves, instead I left them as they were. I directed less than I would for paid work and I let the model guide me.

This process allowed me to ensure reality in the images. I heard their stories and experiences, which allowed me to empower them by giving them a platform to exert their confidence,  reflect on themselves, and further value their life, work, effort, and experiences.

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