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Our Baby Girl's Whimsical, Woodland Nursery

You can get the exact items (& some dupes) I used in her nursery here on my Amazon Storefront. Scroll to the bottom for all product links! :)

I've always dreamed about decorating a nursery one day. When I found out I was pregnant, I reached out to Corrine (McBreen) Crone about doing a mural in our baby's room.

I knew I wanted something vibrant, but also didn't want to stray too far color palette wise from the rich, earthy tones of the rest of our house. We started brainstorming and put together a Pinterest board and a list of specific kinds of plants & animals that I wanted included. Aside from the animals and vibe of the mural, we had Corrine take full reign.

My husband had painted the wall for the mural with chalkboard paint. We loved the idea of a matte black background for the mural, and the fact that if she wanted to, one day our girl could have some fun in the negative space of the mural!

Corrine's work is absolutely stunning, and I'm obsessed with everything she creates. Her style is so unique and I feel super lucky to have such a big piece of her art in my home!

Not gonna lie, I don't hate the "sad, beige mom" aesthetic so I kept the rest of the room & furniture pretty neutral. It's all about balance, right? LOL

My friend, Madison Erisman, has an amazing design eye and helped me with some of the design aspects of the room & with product links! Check out her instagram here!


Swivel Glider Rocking Chair:


Rabbit Lamp:


Linen Blackout Curtains:

Bird Curtain Tie Back:

Map Wall Art:

Rattan Storage Cabinet:

HomeGoods//AMAZON Dupe HERE




Moon Mirror:


Antique Brass Switch Plates:

Custom Name Bow:

Wood Letter Blocks:

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