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Amber & Chris at The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Amber & Chris met in college at Coastal Carolina . Chris was in Amber's brother's fraternity (Kappa Sigma). Their first impressions of each other were this: Amber thought Chris was a "meat head" because he was from New Jersey and "worked out a lot". Chris thought Amber was too involved and "crazy" with her sorority; she was president and apparently that could make her a "crazy girl".

They had a conversation at a mutual friend's wedding and both thought, "wow, they are nothing like I expected." The two of them didn't think anything of it at the time, but after they both attended Chris' best friend's birthday, the rest is history.

Chris proposed at Amber's my aunt and uncle's house on the water in Stevensville, MD. She had just came home from a work trip and her aunt asked if she wanted to come over for dinner; not cooking after travel sounded amazing. She was all ready to go in her leggings and a t-shirt when she got a text from her aunt that they would not be eating in but instead were going somewhere nice. She took a shower and threw on a dress. Thank goodness! Her aunt claimed that she was running late and told Amber to take Chris around back to see the water. She did and they walked down the pier to where chairs sat on the edge of the pier. Amber sat down, of course. Chris told her to stand up and Amber said, "Why? Are you planning to push me in?” Then Chris got down on one knee.

After the proposal, Amber's best friend and both of their families came to celebrate. Amber's aunt & uncle are "couple goals" for her, and they shared the story of how their engagement happened on that same pier. It was perfect for Amber because her family is everything to her. <3


Getting Ready + Reception Venue | Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

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