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Kaila & Dave's Deer Creek Overlook Wedding

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Their Story..

"We met at a house party in 2007. David tried to talk to me, but I thought he was too pretty and was too intimidated to keep up a conversation.

We started 'talking' in August, 2007. I went away to college in Frostburg, MD. David came to visit me during my first weekend there. I was absolutely smitten by him. He was the skater boy of my dreams.

I was shy. I figured there was no way he could like me as much as I liked him. I thought we slowly fell apart/drifted away because of the distance. It wasn't until we reunited later in life that I found out he thought I was into someone else.

Dave was always my "one who got away". I thought about him more than I should have. His name came up more than it should have in conversations with my best friends. People that never met him knew about him.

In 2014, I heard David was working part time at a store by my best friend's house. I was in town visiting for the weekend and we decided to stop in because we needed to get beer anyway, but mostly so I could be a creep. We exchanged hellos and an awkward hug. He messaged me that night to get my number to keep in touch. I had a long term boyfriend at the time, so I deleted it.

One night in July 2014, I got a text saying, 'Hey it's Dave Goetzke, do you remember me?' and me being the sarcastic jerk I am responded, 'No.'

We got to texting and he confessed his love for me over all of those years. It was like hearing/reading everything that I had always felt. It was surreal.

I was going to be back in town the following weekend, so we set up a time to get a drink together. It felt like no time had passed. We talked all night long. We ended the night with a hug that lasted longer than it should have. We both knew right then we needed to be together. We dropped everything in our lives and collided both of our lives together, despite everyone around us thinking we were insane.

We have never looked back." - Kaila


Flowers: Thurman & Fig

Menswear: Express

Hair: Dina

Videography: Kevin Ross

DJ: DJ Debbie Brown

Invitations: Vistaprint

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